fitting in at camp

Fitting In At Camp

- Updated May 18, 2018

You Fit In!

One of the biggest worries about going to a new place, with people you aren’t familiar with, is fitting in. We’ve all been there! Nothing is worse than watching everyone else laugh, joke, and have fun with each other while you feel like a total outcast.

One thing I’ve observed about this camp, as a staff member since 2003, is that everyone really does seem to “fit in”. I haven’t witnessed much, if any, bullying or harshness towards any individuals. Our kids are generally a friendly bunch, and our staff is dedicated to making sure everyone feels comfortable, and is finding people to make friends with. We have numerous activities where kids are able to bond with other kids, especially those they have yet to really connect with.

We don’t want anyone being left out, and I honestly can’t think of kids who are.

At the Leadership Camp, we work to provide an environment where everyone “fits
in”, and feels like they are able to be themselves, and be able to grow in Christ securely. So if you are worried about finding a place to fit in, we want to assure you that this camp is the place you want to be!

The Leadership Camp