Don’t let packing get the best of you. Let us help!

Camp essentials
Camp Essentials
Shower stuff, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc…IF you forget them, we can get you some!

For the love of hygiene, please don’t forget to pack deodorant! BUT leave the body spray at doesn't cover up the smell of middle school boy BO...just saying

Towels seem to be the most often forgotten item by both staff and campers.

Staff Tip: How do you tell the difference between a first-timer and a long-time camper? Returning campers bring shower sandals!
All Clothing must be camp appropriate!

Make sure your camper has enough clothes for 6 days. Extra changes of clothes are highly encouraged since kids get really sweaty and dirty some days.

A hat and sunglasses can be useful during outside activities, and don’t skimp on the socks and undies!

Don’t forget about swim time...bring an extra towel and no bikinis or speedo style swim suits please.

Also, take a look at the dinner themes and bring stuff to dress accordingly. It’s totally optional but totally fun!

Staff Tip: Friday is always “Fancy Dress-Up Night” so bring something snazzy!
Flashlight, plastic drinking cup or sports bottle.

Any bedding you need. Pillows, blankets, sheets, sleeping bag, stuffed teddy bear…. what? just me? Our beds are twin sized REAL mattresses!

Personal battery powered fans are great for the outdoors! Just make sure and bring extra batteries.

Staff Tip: If you are taking a sleeping bag, do yourself a favor and ALSO bring sheets. A sweaty kid probably used your mattress before you!
Class Essentials
Meds & more
Class Essentials
Meds & More
We read the Bible a lot at camp… Bring your Bible! Don’t have one? Let us know, we got you covered.

Pen & paper for note-taking or journaling.

Staff Tip: A small handbag, messenger bag, daypack, or backpack can really help with carrying all of your class materials back-n-forth between classes.
Any prescription or over-the-counter medicine you MAY need.

Check-in all meds with the nurse when you arrive.

Protection from the elements like sunblock, bug repellent, lip balm.

Staff Tip: A daily 24-hour allergy pill can be the difference between a good or bad week at camp.
Fan! It can get hot in the cabins during the day even though it is air conditioned. They also help to drown out the sounds of snoring and your bunk buddy sleep talking

Stamps and envelopes for mailing letters, if that’s your thing.

A Camera. Look, if it plays music, makes calls, or messages, we’re taking it up. Taking pictures is fine though.

Staff Tip: If you bring that fan (and we really hope you do) bring an extension cord! There is a near-guarantee that your cabin counselor already nabbed the bed near the outlet.