Camp would not be possible without our staff!

Every year, men and women from all over Texas willingly give up a week of their lives to spend time serving the teens that attend The Leadership Camp. These men and women are truly what make what we do so special at The Leadership Camp. Camp could not run without them, as they are the ones who run all the activities, prepare the meals, teach the classes and mentor the campers.

Our staff is very unique being that most of them are former campers of The Leadership Camp. Some of them have been coming ever since they were in the 6th grade! Many of these former campers have gone into ministry and all are active in their local congregations.  All of our staff have a real passion for teaching and mentoring teens and work hard to inspire every teenager to lead others. This makes the commitment of our staff very strong and unique from any other camp. We truly want to extend our thanks to all those who have spent time being staff at The Leadership Camp. Each member of our staff are required to participate in a thorough training course by our directors each year the day prior to camp that covers counselor, teacher and focus group leader training. Prior to them coming to camp they are required to take a sexual abuse and molestation training course required by the State of Texas every two years that they complete online. Our cooks are also all required to take a food handlers course and present their food handlers certification card to the camp directors. We want to make sure your campers have the best of the best then it comes to the staff members that will be taking care of them!

Attention All Staff

All of our camp staff must take a course on sexual harassment and abuse prior to setting foot on the camp grounds.

The course is free and takes about 1 hour to complete.

Here’s a link to that course:

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Training Course for Camp Staff

Cooks here is your link to your food handlers license online class


Our Directors

Riley Watkins - Camp Director

Riley Watkins has been with the leadership camp from the beginning in 2000 when he was just a camper at the young age of 13. He loves The Leadership Camp and insist that it and the staff that have been involved over the years are why he has worked in ministry since 2007. He is now co-director with Michael Orr since 2015. He is the full time camp manager at Camp Oak Haven | Married to his beautiful wife Brynna Watkins | Father to a bossy girl named Paisley Jane and a little man named Davis Owen who marches to the beat of his own drum | Loves bacon more than life itself | Lives for being outdoors | and has a hybrid Dachshund/Labrador Retreiver dog named Sadie.

Michael Orr started the camp in the summer of 2003 at the Peach Valley Christian Youth Camp.  He has been working with the camp since then as its director alongside former co-director/best friend Nathan Burrow and now with co-director Riley Watkins. He is the preaching minister and evangelist at the North Ridge Church of Christ in Mount Pleasant, TX | He is married to Loretta Orr | Father of four children, Jillian, Joy, Joshua, and Jaycee | Thinks he is his parents favorite child | He enjoys writing fantasy novels in his free time | Misses his recently deceased overweight passive aggressive pet cat named Chester who hated Riley Watkins with a fiery passion | and his last meal on earth would be a mexican pizza from Taco Bell.

Michael Orr - Camp Director