Our History

In the year 2000, under the direction of Charles Goodnight at Peach Valley Christian Youth Camp, a class was started for about a dozen teenagers who were too old to attend the camp session for kids that was held there. Michael and Loretta Orr were commissioned to teach this class with a specific emphasis on leadership in the church. After three years the class had grown to over 20 teens. Michael and Loretta Orr realized the need to start their own camp for these teenagers. They called it, The Leadership Camp. So in 2003 The Leadership Camp had its very own session for teenagers. Its purpose was to equip teenagers to be leaders in their churches and eventually be leaders as adults in their local congregations, schools and families. After 16 years and a few changes in campground venues, the camp in 2018 has produced over 20 ministry leaders, and many more faithful members of the Lord’s church who are interested in leading others. The camp now calls Camp Oak Haven its permanent home where it host its weeklong camp for teens 6th-12th grade. The Leadership Camp is truly a unique experience for teens who love Jesus and want to learn how to lead and serve others.  Our camp focuses on teaching, practical application, and mentoring that aims to ignite a real passion for Jesus in the daily lives of our campers. While our theme changes each year, they always revolve around teaching Christian leadership through the example of Christ and his Word as we have always done since the beginning.